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1981 4000 5+5 ... decision made

After taking a realistic look at my budget (in terms of time and money), the
condition of the car and the likely amount of work involved to stuff a turbo
motor in a non-turbo car, I've decided the "killer street-car" project isn't
in the cards this time around.  Sorry, folks...

As it turned out, the timing belt DID break but only because the cam seized.
Does anyone have a solid-lifter head they're willing to part with cheaply or
perhaps even a complete WE-code longblock?  I have all the suspenion stuff I
need (for the time being, I can borrow it off my '85 4000 racecar-to-be) but
am basically clueless when it comes to building a 5-cyl motor for racing.  I
had Techtonics Tuning build my last 4-cyl motor and I'm sure they'll happily
build one of these as well but my budget won't stretch that far and the next
SCCA driver's school is in January, which means I need to get started ASAP.

The IT rules require stock induction/FI but allow port matching within 1" of
a gasket, balancing/blueprinting, .040" overbore and free exhaust so long as
it's quiet and terminates behind the driver.  Recommendations, anyone?

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