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RE: 86 5000cstq sunroof and mirrors

>It seems I can never have a totally problem free day with this car!  
>The mirrors have me perplexed.  There is no power at the connector inside
>the door (rouns, 7, maybe 8 pins.  Bentley says the red w/blue stripe wire
>is hot.  Not on mine it isn't.  It's not the fuse, because the door lock
>system is on the same fuse and that system is (still) working.  Plus, I
>checked the fuse. 
>Allan Tygert
>86 5000cstq, slightly posseessed (but possession is 9/10 of the law)

  Check the wiring going into the door at the hinge.  Mine are broken (still 
are; just don't feel like squeezing into tight little corners to fix barely
reachable little wires).  

Dan Cooke

'86 4kcsq