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Fuel Pump Removal

I'd like to 'check' my check valve which requires the removal of the fuel 
pump.  Car is '87 5000CSTQ.  Disclaimer: I still don't have a Bentley 
manual - I do have a Haynes.

Sometimes Haynes isn't too bad but for some things like 'fuel pump 
removal' it SUCKS.

Anyways, I got the sender unit removed - reached into the tank (bloody 
thing was full!) to remove the fuel pump but I couldn't figure out how to 
remove it? I didn't want to pull on it.  The #$@%@# Haynes manual says to 
undo the retaining lugs. What are the retaining lugs? How do you do this 
when you can't see in?

Side Note: What is a good cheap place to get a Bentley?


-Rob Silcher