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Re[2]: Shake, rattle & roll: new tires for '93 90CS

     > From quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net Tue Sep  5 03:57:12 1995 > From: 
     Chris Newbold <cnewbold@eznet.net>
     > I've heard good things on this list about
     > the BF Goodrich Comp T/A VR4.  Are these still the right way to go
     > for a decent all-round set of tires?  I'm not looking for 
     eyeball-poping > dry corning; the more the better, of course, but I'm 
     also very concerned > about wet performance.  They also have to go in 
     the snow, to a 
     I also wanted the Goodrich Comp TA VR4s, but couldn't find them in 
     stock for a 90Q at any S. Florida tire dealer (special order tires are 
     okay until you have to deal with a quick replacement!)  I got Pirelli 
     P4000s instead, and hated them.  They had a rough ride and were lousy 
     in wet conditions.  
     After 3 weeks I finally went back to the tire shop and used the ride 
     guarantee (if in doubt, go to NTW - they will let you swap tires with 
     no questions asked) and swapped the Pirelli's for Michelin MX4's, 
     which I am happy with.  The MX4s are especially good in the wet, which 
     was my major concern.  Can't comment on snow handling - sorry.  The 
     Michelin's were about $80 each.
     Good luck
     Heidi Hudson@ftl03.racal.com