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'85 ur-Q brake woes.....continued.....

  Well, the 5th MC for the 85 ur-Q arrived from PAP.
  It is a 857 611 019. It is cast iron, not alloy, but is
  a Real (tm) Ate MC. Fit the servo OK, all the
  fittings lined up, *BUT*, went to install the tank
  to bleed the system and found that the mounts
  for the tank are like 10mm too far apart and too
  large diam for the fittings on the tank. SH_T!
  Ship it back to PAP. Now what do I do? I've
  tried every )@#$&%($'n MC that might work
  and NO GO! Desparate, I cleaed up the buggered
  threads on the used MC that racer Chris Sanborn
  gave me and fitted it. Will finnish bleeding the
  system today and give it a test. Even if it works
  I'd still like to find the correct part and fit a new MC.
  Perhaps I'll bring 'em all down to Eurosport
  Motorcar in Merrimack and see what they think.....

  Very furstrated,