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Re: S4 Front Strut brace?

I have a 1992 S4 and it does not have the front strut brace.  Only the 93, 94
S4 and the following S6 have the front strut brace.  I cannot fit the strut
brace on my 92 S4 unless I also replace the brake fluid reservoir in my car
with the same part of 93-94 S4 car, since it is actually in the way of the

The opening/cap of the reservoir location on the 92 model is in the top
middle of the reservior while since 93 and after they have a offset the
location so that it kinda located at the top corner of the reservoir and
hence does not stand in the way of the strut tower brace.

So 92 S4 and other 5k owner might want to check first whether this is going
to be a problem for them!