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re: Purchasing a used Audi

>I've recently started looking at purchasing a used Audi in the 
>'84-'86 range (financial decision) and have seen mostly Audi 5000S
>Turbo 4 doors, and a few Audi 4000S 4 door sedans....  

>What are the hot-spots for problems on these car's?

The 4000s are simpler cars and should have far fewer problems. The 5000s
generally have hydraulic system parts that fail, climate control problems (for
cars with climate controls) and fuel pump problems. Have a look at the archives
for this list or stick around for a while.

>What is a reasonable price range for these cars in good condition?

I think you'd have to be more specific about the car that you're looking at as
condition, maintenance level (esp with the 5000s), transmission and mileage can
vary the value considerably. If you're strapped for cash, you might consider
the 4000s as you probably won't have to shell out as much in maintenance costs
per year. You might be lucky, though, to find a 5000 that has many of the major
failure items fixed, and get it for a good price.

>I noticed a medium level buzzing noise coming from the passenger
>side rear of the engine compartment on the 5000S Turbo, is this normal?
>What is it?

Probably the fuel pump.

I have an 88 5000Q and love the car. The maintenance used to annoy me (I had a
4000 too), but now I'm used to it; and the information on this list has saved
me a lot of money in keeping the car in good running shape.

Michael Moy