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Re: (no subject)

>>I noticed a medium level buzzing noise coming from the passenger
>>side rear of the engine compartment on the 5000S Turbo, is this normal?
>>What is it?
>>Thanks much for any info!
>Most likely Fuel Pump.  If it is only noticeable at idle, probably
>not a big deal.  If it's loud and unsteady, fix it now! before it screws
>up other stuff further down the line.  There a quie a few people who
>can diagnose in more detail if needed........ :-)
>Mike L,
>With 2 89 100's that both buzz at idle.......both with over 90k miles

But why would the fuel pump cause a buzz in the engine compartment?
The fuel pump is in the gas tank, ain't it? I still reckon its the
frequency valve - which your '89 100 may not have, Mike - due to having a
differential pressure control valve instead.