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Re: ur)quattro strut brace

Agree with thoughts below.  I also have an '85 Jetta - - there is much 
less chassis flex on the Jetta than on my UrQ.  There are only a few 
things I don't like about the car (stupid sunroof is the other).

For some time how I've had thoughts about seeing if the strut brace from 
Autotech (CA firm) would adapt to my UrQ.  Nice to know there is at least 
a UK source.
'83 UrQ and others

  On Thu, 7 
Sep 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> A properly mounted strut brace will give you more "feel" for the chassis
> dynamics of any unibody car.......    Just because you don't see it, doesn't
> mean it's not a good idea.......  sSrut braces are by definition a form of
> triangulation, and proven on race/street/track cars.......  Because it's a
> pain in the ass to install or configure, doesn't mean audis shouldn't have
> em.....  In Fact, the design that would really help.......   NJTH
> Scott

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