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Re: TQC Rear Caliper Rebuild

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995 ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov wrote:

> I got one rear caliper off the car last night.
> This is the one that has the sticky emergency
> brake lever.  I tryed to get the three bolts
> off the inside to open it up and broke off one
> head.  Lots of rust, too much muscle, setting sun. :-(
> Anyhow, I'm looking for wisdom on how to get it
> freed up and generally put back together.  I will
> get a 12 mm hex and spin out the cylinder tonight.

I have the same problem...and after talking it over with two different
mechanics, the only answer I come up with is $$. They both said that
sometimes you can get lucky with a can of penetrating oil and _LOTS_ of
elbow grease. Just keep spraying and moving the lever back and forth and
over time is "might" free up. I asked about the rebuild kit and they told
me that it only contains the seals and won't help the E-brake.

I have been wanting to pull one of the calipers off, but I need my car
daily and I don't have a temple in which to make sacrifices to the Audi gods
(ie: a garage :^) ). I would love to know if that pin that holds the lever
will come out so I can get rid of the rust and clean out the hole. Let me know
if you get lucky...

My theory is that in an emergency they'll stop the car fine, it's just that you 
have to get under the car with a hammer to get the car moving again. ;')


'87 5000S

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