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Re: Fog lights

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, wallace david wrote:

> I would like to install fog lights on my 88 5000q. It looks like drilling 
> into the bumper is the only way for installation. Any suggestions on 

I drllled two big 2" holes in the bumper of my 5KCSTQ and installed the 
cheapo Walmart projector beam fogs.  The lights aren't great but they 
help a little, and it looks really cool.  It looks nearly like a factory 
installation.  The trick would be to use PIAA proj beam fogs or driving 
ligts in the same place.

Graydon D. Stuckey								
'86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, GDS Racing Stage II
'83 Mazda RX7 w/13B, GDS Racing Stage 58474