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1982 TQC Stats

In the FAQ I found:

Q: How many ur-quattros were produced?
A: The ur-quattro had a total worldwide production of over 11000 units.

Q: How many ur-quattro's were imported into the USA?
A: The table below details the ur-quattro import data for the USA and 

Production Year  Model Year   USA Import   USA Import      Canada Import
                              Number(1)     Number(2)       Number(2)
1982             1983         289           285             -
1983             1983         240           240             61
1984             1984          65            65             16
1985             1985          73            73             17
1986             1986           1             1              5


I have a car not on this list.  I have a rare "C" VIN car licensed as
an 1982, with and 11/81 build date.  I have found there are two others
that I know of, but have no hard statistics on the total number of C's
or who they went to.  I don't know the history of my car.  Can anyone 
help me piece together what these cars were used for (press, test, etc)?

Thanks Agian

paul timmerman