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5kcstq hyd. clutch DRY!?!

     Well, this weekend I got together with fellow listers Murari 
     Srinvanisan (sp? sorry), Mike Spiers, Paul Souza & Tom Forhan for the 
     "1995 DC Region Brakesudsfest"  (Bleeding brakes and drinking beer!)  
     Thanks to all for showing up, Mike for sacrificing his resevoir cap to 
     the cause and especially to Cello Souza and his wife for hosting the 
     Audi Geekfest.
     Each car had its own quirk which we worked around, they're Audis!  
     However, when we finally got to my car (at 10PM) and tried to bleed 
     the clutch slave, nothing - bone dry.  There was no cap on the bleeder 
     valve so it was pretty gunked up, but we even removed it totally, 
     applied pressure with a power bleeder and even pumped the pedal with 
     the valve out and still dry.  The pedal is pretty hard but it works 
     Anyone else ever seen this problem?  I'm assuming it is a problem that 
     should be addressed, or does it just add power assist?  Like I said, 
     the pedal is heavy but not objectionable.  Shower me with your wisdom.
     Jeff Cadman
     '86 5kcstq with a dry clutch, leaking pentosin and no brake lights!
     P.S. - Hope to see some of you out at Summit Point next Sunday.