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Re: Antifreeze and phosphate

>On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, David Conner wrote:
>> Audi says to use antifreeze that contains NO phosphate.
>> How can you tell if antifreeze has phosphate in it.  
>The Phosphate leaves a nasty after-taste.  Kinda like american beer.  Now 
>Sierra, that stuff's good.  Your kid can drink it, your dog can drink it, 
>it's great!
>Feeling a bit sarcastic at 1:10am...

Ooooo,  Robert,  

Bad advice!  

Yes I understand the humor and got a bit of a chuckle out of it.  But...

On the off chance that someone may have misunderstood the humor and thought
that Robert's advice was serious - ethylene glycol based antifreeze is
poisonous and ingestion can lead to kidney failure for both humans and pets.
What is even worse is that it tastes rather sweet and is therefore
attractive to animals when they encounter a puddle of antifreeze on the ground.

Sierra may be better but it's still a bad idea to drink it.  :-)

I most sincerely hope that Robert's "advice" was understood by everyone to
be humor.

Ooops.  I'd better get down offa my soapbox.  :-)  I guess I'm not very
humorous at 5:30 AM.

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