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Re: Audi Sound Systems

>Having never heard the Bose sound system in the Audi, does anyone have 
>a reaction, positive or negative, concerning it versus the standard 
>Audi sound system?  Is it worth the upgrade or are you better off 
>upgrading on your own... Thanks!

If you fall into the camp that believes that cars are places where high-end
audio can be attained and appreciated, then upgrading on your own will
probably give you more satisfaction.   I find the Bose system to be a good
compromise - it's better than a mediocre stock system, but it's not true
high-end.  My complaint is that Audi stopped offering a CD changer with this
system sometime in 1995, making it necessary to add on a non-integrated, RF 
modulated aftermarket system,  or replacing the head unit with a CD/receiver.