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Bose System

> From: jblock@ix.netcom.com (Jeff Block)
> Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 17:45:41 -0700
> Subject: Audi Sound Systems
> Having never heard the Bose sound system in the Audi, does anyone have 
> a reaction, positive or negative, concerning it versus the standard 
> Audi sound system?  Is it worth the upgrade or are you better off 
> upgrading on your own... Thanks!

Having the Bose system in a '90 200T, and working in the radio & TV 
biz, my opinion: 
1)  the Bose system has a fragile radio prone to failure (the buttons 
are famous for developing problems); 
2)  sound is better than an average factory system
3)  low-end is exaggerated, tends to be too thumpy, overly bassy, and 
4)  stereo imaging is good and speaker locations are good
5)  high end is inadequate; bright or high treble capability is not 
    very good, and if you like to balance for a slightly bright 
    sound, forget it  (I run the treble at max, bass at about 40 
    percent, sometimes lower)
6)  the factory radio and speakers are claimed to be totally 
    incompatible with all other units, so that if you replace any 
    parts, you need to replace the entire system.  I don't believe 
    this, but it would take a fair amount of work to design your own 
    system to replace parts.
Note: I listen to talk radio, jazz, and rock.  I find the speakers 
most acceptable for rock, and less suitable for the other uses.
If I were buying a NEW system, I would not take the Bose; I would 
spend an equal amount of money at a good stereo shop and could come 
up with a better overall system.  Having inherited one used, I am 
tempted to see if I can insert a graphic EQ into the signal chain and 
modify the system's response....but I have better things to do with 
my time and money.

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