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Re: The Audi A4

Bill Murin wrote:
> Couple of the folks on the q-net have already given you some info on 
> perceived quality of the new A4.  All I know is that Audi is supposed to 
> have sold about 150,000 of them in Europe and the European motoring press 
> appears to be quite pleased with the car.  Remember though, that in 
> Europe the A45 comes with about 6 different engine variations and 
>>>>> SNIP <<<<<
> on the A4.  Since the car had been so well received in Europe they wanted 
> to wait and see what the US market might do.  Unless you really want an 
> A4, a much better deal can probably be found on 90s and 90CS Q Sports.
It is interesting to note that I was talking to the sales manager at a
local dealership, and although he has expectations that he will be able to
sell them, he expects many American buyers to walk away simply because the
engine isn't spec'ed at 200HP.  As he put it, it doesn't matter that it can 
outperform the BMW, it is all in the numbers.  He doesn't think the turbo-
4/20V will be popular at all for the same reason.  I told him about the
general anticipation on the q-list.  

Kinda reminds me of the days when the Fox was new and I could easily beat
my buddy's new 320i in a drag race ... even though he had the equivalent of
an extra cylinder of displacement (1.6l vs. 2.0l) on me ;-)

I think things are looking up for Audi though.  I was reading in one of 
them car mags that I get that ovloV has a new model that they call the S4 
that will be shown soon.  They must have seen something they liked ;-).
Does this mean I can get the Audi and ovloV dealers to compete on price?
Hey, you wont sell me that S4 for the right price so I'll just walk out
and get one at the ovloV dealer!

San Jose, CA (USA)