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A4 wholesale pricing and leasing

I wasn't thinking very clearly when I sent the last note.  I copied all 
the "wholesale" pricing out of the dealer binder from Audi.  By the way 
Audi just started a lease program on the A4 in September at 24,30 and 
36 months.  Residual value is 58% on 30 months and 53 on 36 months.  
Interest rates are around 6.8% or so 30 months and 7.1 on 36 months.  
These numbers are set by Audi and are not negotiable.  The wholesale 
prices are as follows:

                MSRP        Wholesale
Car             26500       23300
quattro         1500        1500
leather         1280        1114
sunroof         990         861
remote lock     190         165
all weather     450         392
sports wheel    150         131   
Bose            ?           537

Hope this helps in negotiating.  As I indicated in my last note, the 
dealer went about 5% over wholesale.