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Re: 5KCSTQ Wastegate Springs

> From: Thomas Tornblom <Thomas.Tornblom@Nexus.SE>
> Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 14:11:42 +0200
> Dear List,
> I got a spring from Bob Myers yesterday (thanks Bob!) that is
> supposed to give around 2.5 ATA. The spring I had was supposed to give
> around 1.8.
> After feeding the kids, I sneaked out into the garage and installed
> the new spring, anticipating the ride of the century ;-)
> Imagine my disappointment when I tested it and there was absolutely no
> change :-(

[text deleted]

Mystery solved!

Tonight I disconnected the WG pressure hose from the WG and hooked it
to a manual pressure gauge. At 2 BAR boost (== 3 ATA) I got fuel

I re-connected the WG via a T-pipe and took it for another spin. The
WG opened at .7 BAR boost (== 1.7 ATA) which is what was indicated on
the computer and which is equal to the spring I got with the power

I could easily get addicted to the power at 3 ATA! 2.5 ATA seems
pretty decent also, which is what I've decided on for now.

Anyone has a 2.5 BAR spring for sale, or know where I can get one?


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