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Re: A4 Pricing

> > What is the road-ready list price of an A4 Quattro 2.6 litre, 6-cyl, model
> > in your State please Dave? In the UK the price is the equivalent of US$38,650.  
> The 2.6 is not offered in the U.S.  At least not yet.  The only engine
> we get on all 1996 Audi models (A4, A6, cabriolet) is the 2.8 V6.

I don't think the 2.6 is a viable alternative for U.S. The 2.8 in the A6 is 
already, well, suck jello. I hope Audi will develop a better engine for 
the A6 to be more acceleration-competitive with other cars in that $$$ 

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