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Re: Rad fan dosen't run after engine off !


Regarding your question to the following:

>>Sorry if this is old info, but I've been away for a while.  This problem on
>>my '86 4kcsq went on for almost a year and three mechanics, the last one
>>knew that the fan WAS supposed to come on after the car was turned off.  As
>>it turned out it is a part called the "fan after run controller" which
>>controls the fan...hmmm, pretty difficult part name for the two other
>>car mechanics" to figure out.

>   Do you have a part number/price on that controller? My '86 4kcsq has
> same problem.
>Dan Cooke

All my old invoice says is "fan after run controller".  But the price was
$117, which of course was most likely not discounted. The installation cost
was included in the hour of diagnostic assigned to the problem.

After doing a  little research in my Bentley Manual on p.97.242 I found the
official electrical system's name for this piece:  "radiator cool fan after
run controller unit", there is also a thermo switch shown.  Unfortunately my
old IPC catalogue doesn't list anything like this unit, so I ran out of luck
finding the part number. Hope this helps.

'86 4kcsq com.ed.- heavy breather after romps