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Re: Wet paint

At 12:10 AM 9/15/95, Mike Myers wrote:
>I know this isn't quattro material, but I'm hoping you guys can help me out
>here.  A couple of days ago, a friend drove my Talon through some paint that
>was spilt on the road.  It was late at night, so he didn't see it, neither
>did I till the next afternoon.  So now I have my black/gray Talon with white
>paint on the bottom quarter of the car.  Any ideas how to get this off?  It
>will come off using a finger nail, but I'd like some short cuts.  Thanks for
>your help here.
>Audi material:
>        Still looking for one.  There's a '86 4000 Quattro in the paper, I'm
>trying to get ahold of the people, and the local dealership still has the
>almost perfect '86 5000 Turbo, FWD.  Been there for over a month now.  At
>the end of this month, if it's still there, I'm going to give them an offer,
>and see how low they will go :)

If you insist on doing it yourself, I would suggest trying a buffer with
some "polishing compound."  It's a very mild abrasive that will remove a
fairly thin (ie a thousand'th or two) layer of paint.  Keep in mind that
you MUST re-wax after you've done this....and be sure to go easy near seams
and corners so you don't burn thru the paint.

However, your best bet is to take it to a body shop (or perhaps a
professional detailer) and let them do it.  Probably not that
expensive...and they're saddled with the liability of screwing up the paint
job if something goes wrong.


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