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Re: V8 Handling/brakes

Eliot Lim sez:
> but let's face reality.. having a V8 mounted in front of the front wheels
> (even though it is amazingly light for a V8, lighter than say, the
> accord's V6!!) is as conceptually flawed as mounting a flat six behind the
> rear axle... :)


I hate to say it, but I don't know that I agree: I can't see any advantages
to having a big weight hanging forward of the front axle, while having a big
weight mounted to the rear of the rear axle definitely has advantages, in that
acceleration out of turns is dramaticly improved.  The only thing which makes
the forward weight situation workable, IMHO, is awd; in contrast, awd only helps
the rear weight situation marginally (and requires re-learning lots about chasis
setup -- you no longer want your front inside wheels flapping in the breeze!).

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