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Re: Repairs vs Fun?

On 15 Sep 1995, colin cohen wrote:

The moral of the story is that no matter how
> good our Q system may be, when traction is low, even the best of us are only as
> good as our tyres. From what I have seen most of the Qs in the snow belt go
> through the winter with all season feet. does this make sense, I ask you? While
> the economics are clear, and two sets of tyres are expensive, are we kidding
> ourselves with these great cars if we dont have the best traction at all times,
> not just when its 70 deg and dry.

Right on. My 90Q with the Yoko A509's will get stuck in a heavy dew! They 
are the worst suckiest tires I have ever seen in my life. I cant wait 
till they wear out and can get some good sears retreads. (anything must 
be better!)
Fortunately now I have 2 sets of rims, where I can put my DRY's on one 
and winters on the other, no more M+S for me!!
The tire makes all the difference in the world though.

2 years ago, our state was basically shut down from 30" of snowfall. THe 
plows couldnt keep up. I was at a stop light in my 4000Q and took off 
like a dry road, with even decent acceleration. The Pontiac behind me 
(grand am) took forever to just get going. When I pulled into a parking 
lot he pulls in and asked me what kind of tires I had! I tried to explain 
it had little to do with the tires... but then I got the 509's.. now I 
realize...Its more than just 'quattro'


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