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Re: Topeka Protests/Appeals

>The amount of the bond is absolutely negotiable ... when I protested Bill
>Breedlove's differential several years ago, I negotiated the bond down by
>almost 50 percent.  As long as the amount is acceptable to the protestee,
>it can be pretty much anything...

Breedlove!    that Cheating son of a B****H, Don't get me started. He 
used European gear ratios said that they were available in Canada  
Therefor it was a "North American" spec.  Which is dead wrong. The ratios 
were never in Canada.... BUT he had a letter from a CANADIAN dealer that 
said it was okey dokey.  The SCCA said that they would accecpt the letter 
for proof at that event.  At the next event guess what.... He had the 
right gears in the car.   

What was your protest?


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com