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Paul's: Audi's Anomymous..

> "Hi my name is Paul and I own an Audi."
> "Hi Paul, welcome to this meeting of AA (Audis Anonymous), what Audi do you
> own, and what is your story?...."

Geez, it's tempting to say take a liter of Pentosin and call us in 
the AM.  (But no...that would be wrong...)

> My clutch has been reading the notes on the list and decided it would be fun 
> to try the "sink to the floor but don't return" trick.  Needless to say, I am
> less than amused.

Paul - I didn't even check the Bentley before responding - but I just 
want to register some thoughts.  This happened to me in my 280ZX on 
a busy day and a dealer-shi* (last letter NOT "p") tried to sell me a 
new clutch.  I towed it home, put it in the air, smacked the pin 
projecting from the stuck slave cylinder ONE TIME with a hammer, which
released the stuck piston. It only cost $18 for a replacement 
cylinder from NAPA (and cost the dealershi* a customer..)

So....don't pay for a repair until you have visually checked that 
slave cylinder (I'm assuming it's so equipped) to make sure it's not 
stuck.  That would be EASY to fix.  Sure hope that's the problem.

One more thing - if it's the slave cylinder, drain ALL the old fluid 
and flush the system.  Chances are that water has pitted the system 
and all the fluid in it is contaminated.

(Now it'll turn out there's no durn slave cyl. and this whole 
diatribe was fer nuthin...)

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