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Re: V8 Handling/brakes

yes, after having driven the bmw m3, which has a (very nice) in-line 3 litre 6,
it's stability at speed is a patch on my s2 (in line 5, 3/4 in front of the
front wheels).  the m3 feels quite nervous at 220+ km/h (140 mph) and requires
constant steering corrections.  the s2 at this speed is very stable.  another
factor with the m3 though is rear wheel drive i expect.  as i understand it
"pushing" the car at speed will always tend to be worse than "pulling" the car,
or better yet, 4wd.

mind you, the original quattro system was pretty much a "compromise" based on
keeping manufacturing costs as low as possible (it was based on the vw illiat
(sp?) 4wd wagon).  mind you, finding a way to package the in-line motor with a
4wd system and not have the motor out in front would be interesting.  anyone
know how bmw did it with the 325ix model?  or how mercedes does it on their 4wd