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4000q a winner -hmmmm

I'll be one of the first to congrat Steve on the fine rookie season.....  And
to have a q go as far as he made it go says alot about the driver.....  Now
to add some temperment to a first year student.....

Eric put it maybe too bluntly when he said "in your division", but, well,
he's, ah, right on.  The fact you were beat by "only" a 1/2 second, well,
unfortunately, is FOREVER in auto-x.  If you doubt it, look at a more
competitive class say CSP (BTDT with my GLHturbo vs. the CRX) or better, you
will find that times between first and 10th could be that 1/2 sec, and not
just at divisional levels, but thruout the season (for that's .500sec  to the
rest of us)......

Let's face the facts, the MX-6 is a better car for the class, you got beat by
one, and in fact if you had gone to the nationals, you would have been beaten
by several.....  You see, there are folks that live and breathe this auto-x
stuff, and the first thing that happens is the "winner car" of a declared
class gets the best drivers, cuz the "L&B"'ers of auto-x just know, and they
don't do it for fun, they do it to win.......

Now, I know that Eric has the experience in racing and auto-x to be as blunt,
and me thinks that I do too, but would like to ration the argument........
   and I remind you'all of the post, it was, could a 4000q win at the
national level, and the answer as far as I'm concerned is still a resounding:
  NO.....  And I don't think a second place, and a noble one at that, in a
divisional tempers the original opinions of myself or Eric, or a few
others......  Do we, as audi enthusiasts, applaud your efforts and
accomplishments, you bet, more than our posts may express...... 

So, the flames will begin, but the reality of the whole idea remains......
 Does it warrant a massive investment in toys to make your car faster, me
thinks not, before you do that you need a national level experience, cuz then
you will find the MX-6's with not just some good toys and tweeks, but all of
them, plus sum......  And as the time differential hits the 3sec mark,  that
1/2 sec forever seems short in comparison.......

Steve, it's obvious to more than a few of us, that you can make a car go
fast, to choose the q, on this list is a great move, but be careful on your
next investment.  Rookie enthusiasm is a great thing, and my smiles and
toasts to you thruout this season abound.....  I will, however, state that,
there are years of experience and BTDT on this list, and technical references
available to you beyond comprehension, use them wisely in your coming

Cheers to you and your audi!