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Joined List, have Audi (4ksq), Have problems.

Hello,  this is my first posting to the quattro list, so please excuse my
nervousness and if I'm off-topic, etc.  But alas, I own an Audi, a beast 
of a different sort, certainly.  Here are the problems I have with it:

1.  Diff. lock cable.  Well, it dissappeared.  The diff. locks worked 
when I bought the car, but no longer works, because the cable, well, seems to
have dissapeared (ie: probably snapped, and found some way to fall off), What 
exactly should I replace/need to get it working again, and is there any way
for me to manually unlock the cent. diff. (yes, I have been driving it with
the diff. locked, for about the last 3-400 miles)

2.  Sunroof.  Is there some cheap, (an Audi, yeah right, but I can dream) 
drop in replacement for the crappy factory one?  Such as just a glass 
pop-out one?
I called the dealer for information on parts of the sunroof.  They said they
only sold the whole track assembly, they gave me a price, and I almost had a
heart attack.

3.  Power window.  Mine stopped working after going to a drive-thru.  I took
the power window assembly and motor out.  I opened up the backing plate 
on the motor.  It turns out that the cable has a bunch of bends and kinks in
it, making it impossible to wind back up on the spool.  I called around, and all
anyone seems to sell is the whole assembly, the cheapest being something like
$125.  YIKES!  Does anyone know someone that sells just the cable, and 
possibly the platic spool?  Or can I use the cable/spool from an Audi with
manual windows?  What about a VW?

4.  More "pep"?  Has anyone thought about wiring a few 'hacks' for more 
power?  (For off-road purposes only :)  Such also grounding out the oxygen 
sensor wire, and the NTC? coolant sensor, (plus say a 3k resistor) to the full
throttle?  Any disadvantages to this?  Any other methods of power increase 
(hopefully cheap:) for CIS-E cars?

If anyone can answer the above questions (especially the power window 
one, I've got the window held up, but it ain't a pretty sight.) I'd be much
appricated, because these problems are driv ing me up the wall, especially
since winter seems to be rearing it's ugly head :(.