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Test drove '89 200TQW

	Well, I finally went and test drove a '89 200TQW : Lago blue, he said,
	but it looks kinda green to me, absolutely mint condition, 48K miles.


	1. Beautiful, absolutely solid, remarkably upscale interior (but
	then, it *did* list at 38K when new ..).
	2. If I can get the guy to part with it for the $13,500 or so that
	I'm prepared to fork over, it's probably a good deal.


	1. Engine code MC (~164 HP) probably somewhat anemic for what felt
	like a much heavier car than my '85 5KT.
	2. Audi should take lessons from Honda in designing their shifters:
	boy did that feel heavy after my Accord! (But that would surely
	feel out of character, wouldn't it?)
	3. Rear luggage space appears to be much less than a comparable wagon,
	say a Volvo 940 ... probably because of the cute roofline.
	4. Almost certainly not a CFC-free A/C : so what happens to the fancy
	climate control next year?

	Does anyone know if a third seat (you know, the rear-facing jump-seat
	variety) is available for this car? You'd have to be mighty short to
	sit there, but I have just the person for it :-) I'm trying to pitch
	the car as a minivan (gag, blechh) substitute to my wife, but the
	argument's a bit thin right now.


Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804