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cheap 5k turbo FS $400

Ad in NJ Want Ad Press:
" '85 5000Turbo, needs steering rack $700 
(908) 561-2493    Plainfield NJ"

I went to see this car for my cousin.  We passed on it though it may be a 
great fixer-upper.  It's driveable in its present state. It's fixable or at 
least a great parts car.  Here's what I found:
- need rack and/or accumulator, leaky ps pump
- valve cover gasket needs replacing, leaks oil (minor)
- idles high ~2800rpm (bad idle stab. maybe but owner messed with idle screw)
- needs heater core according to owner
- 2 rear windows don't work (switches or regulators?)
- sunroof goes up but doesn't come down, motor runs (maybe stripped gears)
- radiator fan stayed on high speed (relay missing, wire substitute)
- bad starter
- 3 good tires, 1 OK (2 new front Pirelli);all correct size 205/60HR15
- 100k miles
- owner says auto tranny was replaced 3 mths ago
- faded burgundy/brown paint on hood w/ minor ding on RF fender
- clean interior, gray velour, pwr seats, trip computer, missing sr liner
- only drove it in driveway (no plates/insurance currently)

Owner (Jason) is a college kid who can't afford to fix the car so he's willing
to take $400 (seems pretty firm since he turned $200).  The motor and wheels 
alone are worth more than this.

usual disclaimers apply....

Steve Jagernauth			'74 911/3.0l Acid Blue 
sjagernauth@attmail.com   		'87 951 Pearl Black   (**FOR SALE**)
(908) 658-8289 Work	  		'87 Audi 5KCST & '88 Audi 5Ks