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Point of Diminishing returns

This is my last message, I promise.
What would you do? My sister is a carís worst nightmare. Her Ď85 Jetta GLI
has mould growing in it, the bumper cover fell off, it was stolen and beaten
and found, it is running on three stock rims and a steel (cheap) substitute,
the transmission has shifted off itís mounts so it tends to go into reverse
from 2nd and it dies on hot days in Los Angeles in the middle of
traffic/ghettos because of a gas tank problem that needs to be fixed because
there is a recall for it. It will fetch no more than $1000. BUT it still
handles great, cruises at 100mph and those recaro seats, huge trunk and
generally great interior... Our father thinks she will get killed in it so he
wants to give her his Ď79 Volvo wagon w/200K on it. I think the Volvo is too
slow for Los Angeles. I suggest she: get the gas tank recall fixed, fork over
for transmission fix and let pops keep the Volvo. Problem is, the
transmission will go for minimum of $600 to maybe over $1000. Thatís what the
car is worth....