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Re: 55 alive?

rmyers wrote:

> Why am I not hearing (seeing?) shouts of joy over the possibility of getting
> rid of at least some of the sill 55 mph speed limits in the country.
> Congress has repealed the Federal 55 mph speed limit.  Presumably the
> President will sign the bill and it will become law.  I don't figure there
> will be many c

A guy on the radio here said that "people who drive 75-85 around here should
be amused that Govenor Weld is pushing to increase the speed limit to 65 on
400 miles of roads in MA"........I was driving to work to day (up Rt. 128), and
at points there wall-to-wall cars going 75mph......I think this speed limit
thing is just a formality....it keeps some legilators busy