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Re: 55 alive?

At 01:41 PM 9/22/95 EDT, you wrote:
>from what aspect - economy or safety.
>economy - battling aerodynamics some logarithmic function can be used to
>	  determine the maximum economy where your economy rapidly drops
>	  toward higher speeds duh :-)
>safety -  This issue is arguable because of the protection of wide medians
>	  and guard rails, but as your speed increases the probability of 

<snip> lots of true stuff <snip>

Actually, what I was getting at is how the anti speed coalition takes all the 
credit for reduced highway fatalities when a dozen other variables have
improved ie. brakes, tires, windshield glass and now stuff like airbags etc.

But all you heard in reports was limit reduced = less fatalities, nevermind
that people really weren't slowing down as much as projected.

Indeed driving slower has many advantages, and driving at 45 is safer than 55

In truth,  I'm going to be watching for reports on increases  in fatalities,
and it will
come, but the response should be improved education not unenforceable

>	  Many humans (esp americans) are poor risk assessors
>	  they wind up rationalizing whims and calling it a risk evaluation.
>> ps:
>> Does anyone actually know someone who thinks responsibly
>> raising the limits is bad?
>	what does this really mean:
>		1. I want them to raise the limits. I am tired of getting
>		   tickets. 
>		2. I want people to be aware - under the current 'driving 
>		   environment' rasing the limits WILL increase fatalities, 
>		   waste fuel, and increase highway maint costs. which by
>		   the way - the sh.tty interstates can be blamed on 
>		   reagan or bush - one of them set the semi weight limit
>		   to 80000 pounds -

I did quantify this with the word "responsible" and I don't consider this 
responsible (tho some truck drivers might)
All I was asking is, where we have already assumed the risk and we 
currently do drive 65, what is wrong with the posted speed showing 65
(besides cheating the REO of a few extra targets)

Please note I live in OH, a legitimate speeders hell, where the REOs 
don't go after the trouble makers, just the easy targets.

>		   move that @ 90mph and watch the roadways crumble.
>		3. by this definition raising the limits is 'bad' but 
>		   something I want.

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