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Re: Autocrossing at the National Level

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> I clipped this from a post by Andy Hollis, the guy who won HS at this year's
> be willing to drive something that may not otherwise be the car you really 
> want.  (You thinnk I'm *proud* to drive an MX6, 4 cyl? ;-)  We all make 
> choices...
[excerpt of Andy Hollis]


	I agree with Andy, but I also contend that there are lots of cars 
that could be competitive in HS.  It seems every year, someone finds a 
new hot setup for any given class, and surprisingly, it usually seems to 
coincide with whomever has the best contingency awards program!  Did 
anyone else notice how Mazda, Toyota, and BMW started to get really 
popular in the last few years?  I think that the top drivers sometimes 
get into the mind set where they have to buy a new car with which to 
compete, and so they pick one, and make it work.
	What about the father/son duo from the Atlanta(?) that have a GM 
dealership, and ALWAYS run sunbirds?  They always do really well, but who 
would guess? In a _SUNBIRD_?
	My friend Stew Ellis reminded me that the Year Mal Kooiman won HS in a 
Cosworth Vega ('92 I think), one of his closest competitors was 
in a 4000 (don't know if it was a Quattro or 2wd)
	I suppose we have beat this dead horse into glue already, so 
unless someone really incites me, I'll try to leave this alone from now on:-)

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