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Re: of interest - for sale

>  I live in New Hampshire in the states!
>  You will have to call the fellow at that number to get info,
>  I just posted it 'cause I knew some quattro.listers were
>  looking for some......
>  I'm a member of QCUSA.
>  Sorry I cannot help,
>  -glen

Sorry Glen, didn't know that. I'll call the guy.
By the way does QCUSA publish a newsletter that could be interesting for
members of the Dutch Coupe and quattro Club? We publish 6 magazines a year
and maybe so could set up an exchange scheme. Of course it's easier for us
to read English than for you to read Dutch. But there are some nice
pictures in it as well!


Hugo van der Vlist
the Netherlands

'84 TQC
'85 Coupe Q