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Idle switch


Another item I managed this past weekend was to replace the full throttle
and idle switches in my urQ.  When I buzzed all of the wires from my ECU a
couple of weeks ago, I found that the idle switch only closed
intermittently, and the full throttle switch had a varying closed
resistance of several ohms.

When I installed the new ones this weekend, I shaped and trimmed the switch
levers to match the old ones and installed the new ones without needing to
readjust them.  I also soldered the terminals to the wires to help ensure a
good contact.  I can't really say I notice any difference from the new full
throttle switch, but my idle is definitely more consistent and stable.

If any of you has an erratic idle, one quick check is to unplug the idle
switch under its plastic cover, and measure its resistance when operating
the throttle by hand.  Operate it several times to ensure that it is
closing every time.  Mine would work several times, then stop.

I also replaced the flex vacuum hose to my diff locks and associated
trunk-mounted reservoir.  I haven't tested it yet to see if it fixed the
errant center diff lock (probably too much to ask) but the old vacuum hoses
were cracking at the ends and fit very loosely on the servos.  The new ones
were a pain to get on so they won't be falling off any time soon.

Richard Funnell, OES
tel. (408) 992-2265
fax. (408) 746-7633