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Re: Perfmance enhancement for 1991 Audi 90

On Tue, 26 Sep 1995, Mark Calaci wrote:

> I have a 1991 Audi 90 with an automatic transmission.  What basic things can I change 
> or add to the car that will increase acceleration.  Someone told me to try a K&N air 
> filter.  Will this work?
> Thanks
>Mark, there are so many things that one can do to a turbocharged vehicle 
with after market parts to enhance performance, but with a normally 
aspirated vehicle such as your 90, your choices are limited. 
There are however a couple things you can do.  There is a company called 
T.A.P. it stands for Total Audi Performance.  They have computer chip 
upgrades for certain vehicles.  Although you won't be able to get chip 
with an extra 80 hp like you can for the turbo S4/S6's, but they have 
chips for normally aspirated Audi's that produce anywhere from an extra 
10-20 hp.  And not to worry, you will definately notice an improvement 
with 10-20 hp.  

As far as the K&N air filter is concerned, yes it is a very popular after 
market upgrade. The new air filter allows your car to breathe much 
easier, therefore you may notice a couple extra horses. But, if you want 
to be able to really notice a difference, I suggest you look into the 
chip.  I'm not sure of T.A.P.'s phone number, but maybe someone else 
does, or you could get it out of directory assistance.

Good Luck in your search for power!!

Brian Zalner
95' 90 QUATTRO
95' S6 TQ