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I remember those days well.  Wandered into a ovloV store a few weeks 
after the 60 Minutes and the sales staff were huddled around a TV/VCR 
watching a tape of the program.  They were chuckling away and $$$$ signs 
were in their eyes, but at the same time they did display some sadness 
because they knew that the report was bogus.

Like many of us, my wife and I took advantage of the bad publicity to 
lease an '85 5000 (with a 5 speed) at about $300 per month with no money 

Would that Audi would reward some of us long time, multi-Audi-owning 
loyalists with a little cash incentive, special lease rates, 2% 
financing, etc. who stayed with them through some really bad cars (Audi 
Fox!!).  As much as I do like the A4, $500 per month for a lease is 
simply more than I am willing to pay on an untested (at least in the US) 

Hey AOA, if you're listening, I'd be real grateful for a super deal on a 
'95 S6 wagon!!

Bill Murin
87 4KCSQ @ 145,000 miles
formerly 85 5000s
formerly 76 Fox