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  European cars, as a rule, have std transmissions.
  The brake and throttle are located close together to
  allow easy heel&toe double de-clutch downshifting.
  'Merican cars, as a rule, have auto transmissions, and
  have ENOURMOUS brake pedals located FAR from
  the throttle, as heel& toe is not a consideration with
  auto trans-cars. Now consider, that at the time, the
  Audi 5000 was a true conquest car that pulled many
  "older" 'Mericans out of their Caddys and Lincolns
  and put 'em in fuel efficient, sleek Audis where they
  might not be able to afford a piece of Mercedes "jewelry".
  Putting  "older" 'Merican Caddy & Lincoln drivers
  into a new car with very different pedal placements
  caused problems, but, the problem was with the
  drivers and NOT with the HW! In fact, Mercedes of
  the same vintage also exhibited a similar phenomenon
  although to a smaller degree. Most drivers that had
  problems with the Audis were both "older" and moved
  from traditional 'Merican large luxury sedans. Did Audis
  in other parts of the world exhibit this "problem"? Nuff said!