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O2 Sensor reset button

Well, there DOES seem to be a reset button on the back of my 5k's instrument
(it's a little black button near the temp gauge) but pushing it didn't cause
the light to go out.  I verified that the sensor was indeed working properly
and other than a short somewhere in the wiring, I'm stumped as to how one is
supposed to reset this thing.  (Yes, for the time being, I removed the bulb;
it's No. 6, for the benefit of the Bentley-challenged among you).

Also, I topped off my automatic transmission since it was reading almost off
the end of the dipstick.  Oddly enough, the transmission doesn't seem leak a
lot when the fluid is low but leaks like a sieve when it's full.  This tends
to suggest that the leak is fluid-level dependent rather than a worn seal or
some such ... any clues what I should look for (I must admit to knowing next
to nothing about slushboxes even though every one of my Audi street cars has

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