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1990 V8 for sale in N. California

I was just at Allison BMW (Mountain View, CA) yesterday and spotted a V8 up
on their roof parking lot.  The salesman told me it had just come in and
would probably go quickly. Here are the details:

1990 V8
Pearl white/black leather (both ext & int in excellent condition)
44,000 mi. !
Asking price $23,900

If you are interested give a call to Dave Parker (tell him Kelly told you to
call) he is really low key and used to be an Audi salesman (he bemoaned the
fact that Audi stopped making the 5+5 model and thought BMW must have paid
Audi off to stop making the car!).  His direct line is (415)943-1050, Allison
BMW # (415)943-1000.  Their new showroom is located just south of 85 on El
Camino at 150 East El Camino Real, Mountain View.

This car looks like it is in very good shape from the outside.  The usual
disclaimers apply.