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re: Quattro Tapes From EWA


Regarding available Audi video tapes, I picked up a video tape when I was at the Neckarsulm
factory called "Guten Zeiten" ( Good Timing) that talks about the beginning
of the Quattro era and chronicles the  entry of the Ur quattro into rally events and discusses
the demise of the Group B cars around 1986. There is a great section of the video where
Walter Rohl drives the car (S1?)  through a winding section of dirt road packed with spectators.
The video shows his application of the brake, clutch and accelerator during this section.

Has anyone one else seen this video available anywhere else?

I had the tape converted from PAL video format to NTSC once I got home. The naration was done
in english. The factory also had a video that showed the Audi manufacturing process but alas I 
did not get one while I was there.

The address and phone number for the Audi Boutique in Neckarsulm is
Quattro GmbH,
Postfach 1144,
Tel: 07132 31-1497
The woman at the counter did speak english when I was there last Nov.
They also had a bunch of Audi related coffee mugs, umbrellas, toy cars etc.

I also recently picked up a video $20 from the Quattro Club called Fazination on the Nurburgring.
The video shows a yellow RUF porsche being driven (sideways for the most part) over this 
treacherous 14 mile race course. This was the tape that Louis Ruf showed at the 1994
Quattro Club, Virginia City Hillclimb event.

Scott M.