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Re: Dino juice

>18 months ago, I spent the best $15 I ever have: I bought a drain
>valve from Imparts. These suckers screw in (pretty tight), and let
>you drain the oil with a flip of a switch. They are well-machined,
>and do not leak at all. No more worrying about gaskets, stripped
>oil pan threads, or swinging a wrench under the car.
>Speaking of which, how in the !*@#^!*@^#*!@^# do you get that stupid
>aero-cover back on underneath engine in the 90Q20V? Changing the oil in
>my 100Q is easy: just slide underneath and do it. I have it down to the
>sub-3-minute mark. The 90Q needs to be jacked up, at least 250 nuts to
>undo the cover, no room to move, then how to get it back on. I actually
>pay someone else to change the oil in it.


They ain't no easy way to remove/replace that fairing.

Tell ya what my fiendly (sic) Audi dealer's service people did.  They cut a
hole in the plastic fairing to allow reaching the filter canister.  They
simply drained the oil onto the fairing and let it drip from there.  :-(

See part of the reason why I spell it "fiendly" rather than "friendly"?

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