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Re: 89 100 For Sale

>> - New Audi 4 ring floor mats from Carlsen this summer
>> - New 3 wire water temp guage sensor, from Carlsens
>You got a new set of floor mats? I had two dealers tell me that
>these were *not* available. How much were they? One of my mats
>is missing, and the other is shot.
>Also, did you put the temp sensor in yourself? I have to do
>both cars, and am about to order them.
> Andrew Duane

Under a $100.- for four new mats from Carlsen, I still have the 
original rear ones, Their Black and look like new.  The only reason
I have an extra set is you can't order just front mats, you get all
four :-(  If you want them Andrew you can have em......

The sensor I also purchased from Carlsen for under $100.-,  I think
maybe $65.- to $75.- or so.  It's real easy to put in.  Just loosen
the old one.  Get the new one ready to go in and swap em real quick
for minimal coolant loss :-)

Mike L,