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Re: TQC Stats & trivia

Requarding the boot straps :-)  they are supposed to be for
a safety triangle, I think.  (isn't this the law in Germany?)

The way the year coding goes is like this. A = 80, B = 81,
C = 82, ...  My car is an official US model.  It was built
in 11/81, and came into the US through Pier 6, LA Harbor
in March of 1982.  I think this makes it one of the very first.
I think the VIN's tend to go a bit non-sequentiall, and it's
hard to get much in the way of cronology from them.  A bit of
a grab bag.  The letters and build dates seem more informative.
Of the ninety five cars registered when the article in QCUSA-NL
it says that 16 were 1985's. If you are competing for Last In,
you are definitely in the running.  Maybe we can contact Bill Bremer
directly and get more info.  I have sent him a letter already.

Good Luck!