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Re: FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob D'Amato sez:
> Moral of the story... If your tires keep losing air, chenge your O2 
> sender, if your tailgate sqeeks, chenge your O2 sender...  If a headlight 
> burns out.. change your O2 sender.. It was AMAZING how many things that 
> stupid sending unit fixed!!

You know, I'm not really surprised about this -- last night I was looking
at the Bentley wiring diagram for the Coupe, and I have to say that the
electrical people at Audi are either 1) driking too much of that Oktoberfest
special brew, or 2) have some sick sense of humor!

An example: the motor for the interior air temp sensor number 1 is powered
by the exciter indicator circuit on the alternator!  (In Bob-speak: climate
control on the fritz?  Replace your alternator/voltage reg...)  (Oh yeah,
the ABS and a host of other things are powered from the same terminal...!)

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