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Is it a short or is it static?

> I'll have to check my 5ks in that area for possible damage too.
>  But I don't think that a wiring fault would manifest itself as giving a 
> shock (when touching metal).  That is most likely static charge.  My 5ks has 
> cloth seats and now that the weather is cooler (dryer is the enabling 
> factor) I get a GOOD ZAP getting out (not entering) this baby would draw an 
> ARK !!!
>                Gene L

Hmmm..   At first I thought it was just static too, and my friend and 
I would wait for the other to get out first (to absorb the shock) but 
then it kept getting us both anyway.  It was bad enought that I would 
see arks too and even bad enought that when I put my key in to lock 
the door it shocked me so bad that I dropped my keys.  Could this 
much of a shock come from just static electricity?