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20V Torque, 2.5L

GTI Engineering of the UK as well as Oettinger and ABT
offer a 2.5 L Conversion for the 20V.
My understanding is they use the stock crank from the
2.5 5Cyl in the Eurovan/Transporter, and relieve the head
for the additional throw.  Can anybody comment on this?
It adds at least 30 FtLbs of Torque. Sounds good to me.
For the Turbo Fans out there, Oettinger has built 2.5l
Turbo 20V's, and says the Torque was way over 350 FtLbs/2500rpm
at street boost settings.
How did he get that with a non-turbo Crank (reliably)?
Food for fodder....