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Lifters and Static Cling.

>If I'm not mistaken the '84 4ks has hydraulic valves,
>and they self adjust as oil pressure comes up.  

Alright, what's the verdict on the valve cleaner???  Anyone
else used it?  Is is only temporary, unwanted side effects, etc..???

AFA the discharge from the car, it is DEFINITELY static.The
 tires contacting the road generate a HUGE amount of
static electricity.  There was a atoyoT that actually sent several
old folks to the hospital because the combination of cheaper tires
and some other ground potential stuff zapped them into
heart arythmia.  They recalled a lot of them.

The potential from a partially grounded light wire vs. the
amount of static your car builds up is insignificant.  

Those grounding strips (you've seen 'em, the black rubber with the
little siver lightning bolt) are to solve that, BUT these may
actually harm the car because the computer, etc... is tuned to
a certain ground, increasing that may increase current enough to 
fry something under the right circumstances.

My .02

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